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Sourdough Bagel

Gluten Free

Chocolate Cherry Bomb

Dairy Free


No Refined Sugars

About Our Bakery

Through my own personal health journey, I discovered that when avoiding certain ingredients it was almost impossible to buy baked goods that I could eat.

Having a sweet tooth, I started experimenting and making my own desserts that didn't have refined sugars or grains but still were nutritionally viable.

In 2016 I started selling my baked goods at farmers markets around Edmonton.  

February of 2018, I opened my store front as I found that more and more people were also looking for foods that were not full of refined ingredients.

At the bakery we specialize in making allergy friendly foods healthy and delicious.  

Going above and beyond, we strive to use high quality ingredients that are refined as little as possible and mainly organic.  

It has warmed my heart to see first hand how the love of healthy food has been able to help so many people.  Seeing customers light up when they realize that they can eat products in my bakery and not get sick has been such a reward.  This is what motivates me and my staff every day to keep creating foods that bring joy to people.

Yours truly, 



Time for Dessert

Gluten-Free Products

We are a dedicated gluten and dairy free bakery.  ALL of our baking products fall under this umbrella.  Our products also are free of soy, pea protein and corn.

You can be reassured that you getting products that will be safe for your body. 

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